The Tragedy
Eighty two years ago the world was stunned and shocked at this picture which was seen around the world. Huberta was dead. The story of Huberta had come to an end, sadness crept into the hearts of so many who loved her and saw her as a token of hope in the difficult depression years of the 1930's. There was nothing particularly magical about her, but she became a magical figure. True to human nature, when dreams are shattered, we have to find someone to blame. When that dream is shattered by an action, even if that action was erroneous, then man seeks revenge by hitting back and hurting those who took action. The story of Huberta: the untold story is a true story of a tragedy that should never have happened. However, it is also a story about hope, sadly, deferred hope. The story of Huberta caused pain and suffering, firstly to Huberta who was shot, but also to those who hurt and killed her; their suffering continued as Huberta's story remained alive, haunting their families and causing feudal divisions from generation to generation.

Was it a curse or circumstances that ended the lineage of the Marx family through a series of tragic deaths? Today a visit to the Amathole museum in Kingwilliamstown is also a visit to this famous animal - Huberta.