Living Outside the Box
About Us
We both are from the Eastern Cape, East London, that is where we met and got married. After living in Ladysmith, Natal we went back to East London and then on to Pretoria for our theology training. Now we look back at more than 50 years in the ministry and married for 54 years, we have two children a son and daughter, two grandsons and a granddaughter. Phil is an only child and I have two sisters, I am the eldest. Living outside the box took a leap of faith for us but we have never been limited in our ideas of what we could do. Life has endless potential, and endless challenges. Phil pioneered three churches and physically built two, the early experience of being a plumber proved to be of value.

We both enjoyed extensive travel to many countries, our last trip was to New Zealand to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and visiting our family. There was always something new for us on the horizon and our love and empathy for people has given us the ability to be a cheerleader to those travelling on the road of life. Over the years I had stretched my careers into various diverse avenues, reaching heights of success and writing eleven books during those years.

 We are retired from active pastoral ministry only to enter into a new phase of our lives, that of teaching, encouraging, motivating others to start living outside of the box. It is a personal philosophy that guides all aspects of our day to day living, and we want to share this with you. We also share the story of Huberta which is vibrant and well illustrated, focusing on the importance of literacy, reconciliation, forgiveness and conservation. The Huberta story threads the component of hope.