Living Outside the Box
Facing the Lion
Through our more than fifty years of ministry we faced many challenges but our biggest challenge came in 2004, Phillip was 68 and already past retirement age. We had just arrived back from France, I had been working on and off the past two years taking care of a 95 year old, English woman. When she got seriously ill her family called us back from South Africa and we looked after her until she died. We had the privilege of ministering into her life in a very special way. We arrived back home and Phillip got ill, so ill that he had emergency surgery which had him using a wheelchair to be mobile.

Tough times. During that time not being able to walk God imprinted on his heart to move the church. “I cant even move myself Lord.” was his prayer to the Lord. Confused as to what this all meant he spent time praying until he clearly understood what this urge, desire, direction, call it whatever, meant. Parklands church was birthed, a beautiful complex was built without any debt.

We had to think and live outside the box. Phillip faced the lion without fear, the doors of this complex were opened giving God all the glory and honour. Phillip stood erect with the knowledge that we can face the "lions of challenge" in our lives, all it takes is faith to believe that all things are possible with God. Don't look at your circumstances, your age, your ability, your weaknesses or your strengths, look too God.