Living Outside the Box
The Journey
This true story of a woman who lived her life "out of the box" is funny, tragic and most of all reflects God's grace. As a white South African woman growing up in the dark years of apartheid, Jean has been willing to swim against the tide of racism and division to bring hope and healing. The rich tapestry of her life was woven by the many characters - both saint and sinner - from the prostitutes and drug dealers to the church leaders and fellow pastors in Christian ministry to the business colleagues and those she cared for.

She had the faith to be different, the tenacity to survive through all that life has thrown at her and the grace to accept that the road she has travelled could be an encouragement to others. Her role as a street evangelist, wife, mother, secretary, pastor's wife, South Africa's "microwave queen", international business woman, carer to the dying and now activist for restorative justice is a tribute to her taking up each role with gusto. A journey of faith, courage and love, a true story of real people.

Esme Bowers - Continental Chairperson of the Pan African Christian Women's Alliance, Executive Member of Evangelical Alliance of South African, and Chairman of African Enterprise.